Re: RSID will not change modes


Hello Dave,
Yes, the RemoteHams software provides a VoIP interface for the audio.  However during my test scenario, I was not using the RCForb Client for the audio interface.  I was only using the RCForb client for the virtual COM port.  During my test scenario, I had two instances of fldigi communicating via a pair of virtual audio cables, on the same computer.  I have used these virtual audio cables for years between fldigi and the RCForb client, without any problems decoding the actual data.  The decode of the audio RsID and data mode by the receiving instance of fldigi was perfect, when RigCAT was initialized by flgidi-def.xml to COM1.  But when RigCAT was initialized by fldigi-def.xml to COM8, the RsID would not be recognized, so the mode would not change in the receiving instance of fldigi.  However, if I preset the receiving fldigi instance to the correct mode, then the data message would be decoded perfectly.  I don't think the audio has anything to do with the problem, because I could make RsID work by simply changing RigCAT back to COM1.  Then the RsID and the message would be decoded correctly.  I think the problem has something to do with the code path fldigi takes when it starts up and reads the RigCAT COM port from the flgigi-def.xml file.

If there are any debug flags or logs that can be enabled to help trace fldigi's code path from when it starts until the first RsID is received, I'd be happy to work with you gather more information about it.  I have an old email address for you at, if you would like to correspond offline.

Thanks & 73,

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