Re: RSID will not change modes


COM port selection should have zero effect on RsID decoding.

I am not very familiar with the RemoteHams software.  Does it also provide a virtual sound card interface using VOIP technology?  If yes, then that is the reason for the loss of RsID detection.  The VOIP audio is probably a  lossy interface (not tcpip) and any audio drop outs or sound rate conversion noise will seriously effect the RsID detection.  It's probably OK for CW, voice and even PSK-31.   MT63 and Olivia will probably also work OK on a VOIP audio connection.  Higher baud MFSK modems will probably fail to decode or have lots of decoding errors.

73, David, W1HKJ

On 1/18/19 3:17 PM, Ed via Groups.Io wrote:
I encountered the problem again, where RsID seemed to stop working.  This time it was on the station at my home.  I am running Windows 7 Pro, and fldigi  Again, the problem was resolved by replacing the fldigi_def.xml file.  This time I decided to experiment with incrementally changing the configuration and saving the fldigi_def.xml file until I encountered the problem.  Each time I changed the configuration I saved it, checked to see if RsID worked, and closed fldigi.  When I reopened fldigi, I again checked to see if it would respond to a received RsID.  The last change I made was to modify the RigCAT COM port from COM1 to COM8.  RsID worked with COM8 before closing fldigi, but after reopening it, RsID no longer worked. If I changed the RigCAT COM port back to COM1, RsID began working again.  I repeated this several times, and the results were always the same.  If I opened fldigi when the fldigi_def.xml file was pointing to COM8, the RsID would not work.  I verified that the Device Manager indicated that COM8 was a functioning COM port, while I was conducting the experiment.  One interesting note is that COM1 is a hardware COM port, but COM8 is an ELTIMA virtual COM port.  The ELTIMA virtual COM port is spawned by the RemoteHams RCForb Client.  The RCForb client was actively running throughout this experiment.  I compared the fldigi_def.xml files and the only difference was the <XMLRIGDEVICE> tag.  The functioning fldigi_def.xml file contained <XMLRIGDEVICE>COM1</XMLRIGDEVICE>, while the disfunctional fldigi_def.xml  file contained <XMLRIGDEVICE>COM8</XMLRIGDEVICE>.  It is also worth noting, that the fldigi application at our club station is also interfacing to an ELTIMA virtual COM port, which is spawned by the RemoteHams RCForb Server.

I don't understand what the relationship might be between the RigCAT COM port, and the RsID decoding, but at least I think I can recover when I encounter the RsID problem again.


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