FlRig 1.3.41 Transceiver not responding.

Steve Jones

Sorry if this has been covered - did not find (successfully) a resolution to this issue.

  Win 7 Pro
  Was successfully using FlRig (Still in seperate directory and still works).
  Trying to run FlRig 1.3.41 (new install - different directory from

   I am NOT a regular user of FlDigi/FlRig  - I have never transmitted using FlDigi but have successfully received and decoded using FlDigi.
   I have been doing Ft8 and was trying out some of the older digital modes. 
   Please excuse some amount of ignorance. 

  Each time I attempt to start new install of FlRig (1.3.41) , I get the screen:

I do NOT get this screen when I run FlRig

So what I have tried:
1) Reboot
2) Uninstall FlRig and download another new copy from web site (yes - both old and new chksum'd the same).
3) Tried set the IC-718 values in FLRig and when I hit 'init' button, same error (Transceiver not responding)
4) Port 'Com3' which is the IC-718, is happy in the Computer's : Device Manager.
5) When I run WSJT-X, the IC-718 connects and is happy (again using Com3)
       Completely shut down WSJT-X and rebooted.
6) Per another message stream ion this site: Removed the files "flrig.files"  from my home directory and restarted FlRig 1.3.41
      -  Setup the Rig parameters the same as FlRig
      -  Same issue - "Tranceiver not responding".
7) Went back to FlRig - It still works.
8) Yes - I made sure to close ALL programs before starting the programs above, in all cases.
9) My installation directories for both versions are:
      (Old)  C:\Program Files (x86)\Ham\flrig-\
      (New) C:\Program Files (x86)\Ham\flrig-1.3.41\

I know, if it hurts - Don;t do it.  Sometimes I am a little slow.

Any help would be appreciated.


de KA6PRW 73

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