Re: 6 meter frequencies


You can try:

6 Meters CW/SSB/Digital
50.060-50.080 CW Beacons (unattended sub-band)
see: <>
50.080-50.100 CW QSO's
50.100-50.125 DX Window
50.110 DX Calling Frequency
50.125 North American SSB Calling Frequency
50.133-50.430 Voice Nets see: <>
50.255 FSK441  lower practical limit for most QSO's
50.260 FSK441 Calling Frequency
50.285 FSK441 upper practical limit for most QSO's
50.290 SSB PSK31
50.291 PropNET (with +1500hz PSK audio)
50.300 or 50.700 RTTY?
50.620 Packet Calling Frequency
6 Meters
50.680 SSTV

Frequencies Segment/Net name Mode Comments Website
50-50.1 CW CW    
50.01-50.3 SSB SSB Europe  
50.058 FISTS CW
50.06-50.08 Beacons CW    
50.1-50.125 DX Window Other Mixed CW/SSB  
50.1-50.3 SSB SSB    
50.11 DX Window Other DX Calling Frequency. CW/SSB. Once you establish a QSO, please move off this frequency.  
50.125 SSB SSB Domestic calling frequency. You CQ there for US/US QSO's - once established you move up the band to continue.  
50.155 Ragchew SSB    
50.16 Radio Scout Frequency SSB
50.16 Radio Scout Frequency CW
50.1625 HFPACK SSB USB - Portable Calling Frequency - Mobile- Portable - Base - Marine - Aero - HFpack
50.1625 ALE Other ALE Voice, Data. Amateur Radio ALE is USB standard Automatic Link Establishment 2.2kHz Bandwidth  
50.2 6M SSB Net SSB Tuesday 8 PM Central time. KQ0J net control.  
50.215-50.25 JT6M Digital EUROPE JT6m (Center 50.230)  
50.25 JT6M Digital Calling Frequency for JT6M (Weak band enhancements)
50.25 AM AM AM - Northern Colorado
50.255-50.285 Digital Digital FSK441 & JT6M meteor scatter
50.26 FSK441A Digital Calling Frequency for FSK441A (Meteor Scatter Contacts Only)
50.272 Net SSB Yankee SSB Net, meeting since the 1960s, Sunday am 9:30 Local Time
50.276 JT65-A Digital Newly developed JT65A is finding a home here  
50.276 JT65 Digital Weak Signal Users  
50.276 JT65a Digital calling frequency  
50.28 Meteor Scatter SSB Digital WSJT-X
50.29 Digital Digital Calling Frequency for PSK31 and Hell modes
50.29 MFSK16 Digital
50.29 BPSK31 Digital Been the defacto frequency for years  
50.291 Propagation tracking Digital PropNET is an ad-hoc 2-way RF-based digital communication network whose activity is reported on the Internet for the purpose of propagation tracking.
50.292-50.2925 Olivia Digital OLIVIA CALLING FREQUENCY - Dial_Frequency=50291.5kHzUSB - Audio_Center_Frequency_750Hz - Olivia_Format=500/16 [Region 2]
50.3 Digital Digital Operating Frequency for RTTY and MFSK
50.3 rtty Other Digital On Six (DOS)
50.4 6M So Cal AM Net SSB 6M AM Net So. Cal 10am Sundays. Net Control AA6DD  
50.4 6M AM calling AM Mainly Saturday night 6M AM NY / PA round table talks. Anyone with 6M AM anywhere can join in.  
50.62 Packet Digital Digital (packet) calling  
50.62 Packet Digital 1200baud
50.644 FSQ Digital FSQ Calling Frequency larry@...
50.68 SSTV FM
50.8-51 Remote control Digital 20-kHz channels  
51 Military backpack radio FM Equipment usually low power (< 5W and inefficient antennas) and sporadic in time and geography (Hamfests, milrad exhibits, etc.)  
51-51.1 DX Window CW Pacific DX window  
51.12-51.18 Repeater inputs Digital Digital repeaters  
51.12-51.48 Repeater inputs AM 19 channels  
51.5 Local FM Simplex - General Conversation FM In Phoenix, AZ, this new network is under construction.
51.62-51.68 Repeater outputs Digital Digital repeaters  
51.62-51.98 Repeater outputs AM 19 channels  
52-52.48 Repeater inputs AM    
52.02 FM Simplex FM    
52.04 FM Simplex FM    
52.49 VT Allstar Link FM vt allstar link 42668 https:/
52.5-52.98 Repeater outputs AM    
52.525 FM Simplex FM Primary FM Simplex  
52.54 FM Simplex FM Secondary FM Simplex  
53-53.48 Repeater inputs AM    
53.15 Emergency FM WICEN - Emergency communications support & training in Australia (VK)
53.5 Remote control Digital    
53.5-53.98 Repeater outputs AM    
Remote control Digital    
53.7 Remote control Digital    
53.8 Remote control Digital    
53.9 FM Simplex FM    

Hope this helps.


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