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Gene Rozea

Years ago I brike down and spent the $$ for a Microham USB III interface and cable for my FT-990 and have never regretted it.

Gene – K1AVE



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Subject: Re: [winfldigi] Ftm100dr
Absolutely a sound card those controls are to control the sound card.
Also included is the isolation interface transformers, which I had to
with my stand alone sound card which had the individual rx/tx volume and
monitor controls also, again a sound card.

No Cat control available. Those are a separate connection altogether.

I like the signal link USB unit I have but it isn't any better than the one
in my PC, although I have to provide the isolation between the PC and
rig, or the stand along 15 dollar sound card box and another 15 dollar
isolation or was it 10 dollar still not the 100 dollar Signal link.

Having said that I don't think I would sell the Signal Link, it is a
single box all in one sound card, isolation, optional setup connection one
box unit that works well within a go box setup. I have a personal one and
have used a similar go box setup with our ARES group.

Sorry for the soap box, I may have misunderstood the original post but to
me is sounded like more was expected from a Signal Link than it can

Marty kd8bj

On 1/10/19 10:09 AM, donroden@... wrote:
> Quoting Marty Hartwell <mhartwe@...>:
>> Hi all
>> If you are using a Signal link, it is only a sound card, nothing  else.
> No, it is much more......
> Front panel adjustable receive level
> Front panel adjustable transmit level
> transformer isolated ins/outs
> PTT to the radio
> front panel indicator for PTT
> rear panel headphone jack for troubleshooting
> Don W4DNR

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