Re: RxID Issue

Rob J.

re: pskreporter - Yes it varies. I just checkedĀ  at 1311L Eastern / NY time zone / 1712UTC there were 20 stations listening in North America on 20M and I find similar in the evening on 40M. East coast and mid-west seem to have most stations which works fine for me - far from useless. I guess your mileage varies based on location and time. Also, I set filter to "PSK" not one of specific modes to show as many as possible. Usually at least 3 or 4 stations will copy my CQ and report so at least I know my signal getting out.

Also, I went through the steps to configure and activate spotting in both fldigi and HRD programs. I'm not on the air that frequently but I figure I might as well do my part to help out. The more folks that do this the better.

73, Rob - KD2GRS

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