Re: RxID Issue

WA7SKG <wa7skg@...>

I tried this a short time ago. I set the filter on pskreporter to psk31 on 40 meters and found exactly three reporting stations in the U.S. and five or six on 20 meters. So, unfortunately, pskreporter is of little value any more for psk31 users. If you are using FT8, that is another story.

Michael WA7SKG

Rob J. wrote on 11/1/18 06:03:

To add to the info already posted by others.
If you are calling CQ on PSK31 you should go to website. Look and see which stations are on and which mode and band. You CQ should eventually show up as received by one of them if you are using the macros and actually have CQ and your call in what you transmit. Not as much PSK traffic as in the past but usually I can always rustle up a few contacts. Keep at it.

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