Re: RxID Issue

Rob J.


To add to the info already posted by others.

If you are calling CQ on PSK31 you should go to website. Look and see which stations are on and which mode and band. You CQ should eventually show up as received by one of them if you are using the macros and actually have CQ and your call in what you transmit. Not as much PSK traffic as in the past but usually I can always rustle up a few contacts. Keep at it.

If you don't see on pskreporter web site and cannot make a contact find a shortwave radio and listen for your transmission. Make sure you use USB for all digital and that radio input is set to your digital/auxiliary input instead of microphone. I check my signal using my Kenwood TH-D74 HT which has HF receive or Sony Yachtboy shortwave radio.

Most folks do NOT transmit RSID for PSK31 since it is so common and well known - and you shouldn't either. It's probably never used for CW as you cannot send RSID via a key and it's distinctive enough as it is. Most of the rest of modes would benefit from RSID TX and RX.

BTW, If you had passband opened up and RSID was working for PSK31 (and folks transmitted RSID) you would never be able to finish a QSO as you would constantly jump to a different signal.

If you are curious as to what the other modes look and sound like, just disconnect your radio and set fldigi sound to use normal computer sound card and transmit your CQ. You will hear over speakers and see on waterfall. Record and screen snap if you like. There is a web site somewhere that had this but it's easy enough to do yourself. For our ARES group we actually practice sending messages this way with MT63 mode and an HT held up to the speaker (acoustic coupling).

73, Rob - KD2GRS

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