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Mike Olbrisch

Just a suggestion – in other “hobbies” I have learned that the way to influence someone to do something a different way is by coaching.  As a former Army small unit sniper, I often have the opportunity to discuss accurate shooting over long distances (> 500 m) with individuals at the range.  They see me shooting at a 1000m target, and hitting it, and they are full of “How can I do that?”  One of the better ways to get a point across is to write a small tutorial on how to do something, and offer to answer questions if any.  Sight picture, natural point of aim, trigger control and breathing are the big 4.  The rest is mental control and muscle memory.  A single sheet of paper can teach them the basics.  And anyone can shoot 500m and do it well, with the right coaching.


My point is this.  If someone asked me right now if my TX-ID and RX-ID are on, or even how to find it, I couldn’t answer.  I’d have to turn to the manual or poke around in the program.  But when someone is experienced enough, writing a simple step-by-step tutorial and offering it to folks asking questions might be helpful, much like the document I wrote on how to set up LoTW for multiple operating locations (I presently have over 100 registered locations in 5 countries and several states in LoTW).


It doesn’t have to be lengthy.  It does need to be accurate, quick and simple.  Much like the “Quick Reference” guides for many radios.


For example:


1 – Click on FILE à Settings  à  TX Settings.


2 – Click TX-ID ON.


3 - Click on FILE à Settings  à  RX Settings.


4 – Click RX-ID ON.


5 – Click Save  à  Exit.


6 – you’re all done.


I know whenever someone writes a message with information like that, I read it and save it.  One of the reflectors I frequent actually has its own “quick start guide” of documents written by the members.  Change starts with a single person who tries something different and makes it work, then shares his success with others.  JMHO, my thoughts on your text below. 


[quote]  only reports if the transmitting station starts with the transmit ID. I wish more used it  [/quote].


Don’t wish – TEACH. Tell em how.  Change starts with the first step.


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Subject: Re: [winfldigi] RxID Issue


RXid  decodes and displays the IDs of those stations that have enabled TXid on their end. It’s not an analyzer of the signal, only reports if the transmitting station starts with the transmit ID. I wish more used it, particularly on the digi modes that sound and look so much alike.



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Subject: [winfldigi] RxID Issue


As a new user of FLDigi, I’m trying to ‘decode’ the different digital signals. I have configured and turned on RxID. I have not seen any notification from RxId.


I have been working around 14.070, sending and receiving PSK31. My RsID is configured with ‘Receive Modes’, only ‘Mark prev freq’ checked. RxID and TxId are on (green).


Can anyone tell from my poor description what I am doing wrong? Please…


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