Re: at wits end with Flrig

Renee Culver

Before I retired I was a Principal Software Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation, the second largest Computer corporation in the world. I did not trash the product.


Cliff, you did spend hours and I thank you. That I didn’t respond to your last note means that I did not detect it.


There is a larger problem than we have addressed. It is manifested in my rig. The problem is that I have a systems problem that no one, including the manufacturer of the rig has been able to address. That is the PROBLEM.


I cannot use Fldigi on my computer and IC-7300 and no one can fix it. That’s not a problem?


You won’t identify the people that advised you not to help me. What credentials did they have and why were they secretive? Why could they not say what they said to you in public? This group has more than I knew about which saddens me.


Renee KC3NG


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I'm not a developer or associated with anyone on the development team.  However, I take offense when people trash developers of open source software.  You did not purchase this software, so nowhere do you have the right to trash the work that has been done, period.  It was the "neither professional" statement that has gotten me on my soapbox.  Everyone knows software is never complete.  How about you become a developer and help make a "GOOD set of diagnostics" for it.



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