Re: displayed frequency in Fldigi

Gene Rozea

Bill, the tone is an audio tone 1500Hz above the suppressed carrier freq. That puts it in the audio bandpass of the transmitter.



From: <> on behalf of Bill Maier <ciric50@...>
Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2018 12:35:31 PM
Subject: Re: [winfldigi] displayed frequency in Fldigi
I have an IC-7300, and I've wondered about the frequencies also. Since I'm fairly new at this it's probably just my understanding of it, not an actual problem. When I set up fldigi for 14070 kHz, I also see my radio set for that frequency through CAT. However if I choose 1500 on the waterfall and transmit, I actually see the signal on my radio right at 14070. I would expect it to come up at 14071.5. It doesn't keep me from working stations, but it seems odd to me and I would like to understand what that 1.5 kHz difference is.

I see exactly the same 1.5 kHz difference when I run WSJT-X, so I'm sure this is not really an fldigi issue. Since the digital modes use USB at this frequency I would expect all signals to appear above 14070, but in fact I see signals from 0 to 1500 on the waterfall show up below 14070. Can someone explain this to me?

-Bill  KG5RMJ

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