Re: Rig Change from IC-706MKGII to IC-746Pro -issues

Gene Rozea

You are saying flrig, but showing Rigcat config.

Also, flrig doesn’t have a rig def file as I remember. Go back to flrig and select that as the control option – might be the issue.





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Sent: Monday, March 26, 2018 9:30:39 PM
Subject: [winfldigi] Rig Change from IC-706MKGII to IC-746Pro -issues
Searched and did not find an answer.  I have been using an IC-706MKGII with a Signalink USB.  Everything was set up and working fine. I use Flrig with CAT Control to use Fldigi. RigCat had the IC-706 MKGII profile (XML) loaded. Good waterfall, great operation. 

I changed to an IC-746Pro and have had trouble getting Fldigi to work correctly. Using the same Signalink USB, using a 8 pin DIN connector on the signalink and a USB CAT CI-V cable to the radio.  Flrig controls the radio. It shows an IC-746Pro and all settings work. Rig transmits without problem. See this screen snap -

In Fldigi, I have the configuration set to run on Flrig for control. I set the IP and the port to match that in Flrig (127.0.0 Port 4001. In the RigCat section the Com port is set as is the baud rate. However if I try and change the Rig Description file, the program locks up. See screen capture:

In Fldigi, I do not see any waterfall - regardless of the color scheme chosen. See Screen Capture:

Radio is set for the proper band and set for digital mode.
I am at a loss. I am tempted to delete the FLDIGI files in install everything and start over.
Got to be a setting I am missing somewhere. 

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