Re: FLDI and new ICOM 7610 help

F6EJU jean claude <f6eju@...>

Thanks for the information.
I take your solution in account in the case I would be in trouble again.

I found out the config turning the IC7610 working with FLDIGI.
I have took some screen shots of the FLDIGI config and will do the same with the ic7610.
That will be an easy way to remember the way to get rid of such lost of time and patience ...hi

 Nnow I am fighting with WSJT-x and the IC-7610  not easy too if some one has a list "how to" that would be great
My flexradio 6000 is much more easy to link to a computer than the 7610 " according to me......."
All the best from the Riviera near Monaco


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