FLDI and new ICOM 7610 help

F6EJU jean claude <f6eju@...>

Thanks for reading my request of help.
The new SDR IC-7610 is a bit tricky for what it concerne the way to use it with Fldigi.
The ic-7610.xml file seems to be not available.
So I have used the ic-7600.xml one.

After many hours reading the web at the end FLDIGI is nearly to work fine.
The last issue is that the VFO displays from the icom 7610  and the computer using Fldigi are not working on team...hi
Do you know where to do some thing and what to get rid of this small problem.

Thanks in advance
73 QRO
F6EJU       see QRZ.com page    :)

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