Retrieve THOR-11

Peter Hulthe

A very nice option in fldigi is the retrieve function. By that it is possible to open a QSO in the log book and change the settings to the radio to what was valid when you run the actual QSO. A quirk with this function arises when you open a THOR 11 QSO and try to retrieve the details. You will then get THOR micro instead. I tried that yesterday, and changed then manually to THOR 11. I still don't know what I got, but it was not THOR 11, and my counter station could not decode it. We then changed to PSK31 and that worked very well. Perhaps it is worth looking to this function to see what may be wrong and make some change to it.
Last year I had an article in theSwedish ham magazine QTC about the digital modes and Fldigi, and another will come in the May issue this year. We are a growing tribe of Fldigi lovers here in the North and are tremendously grateful for this terrific program.
Peter SM6KFY

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