Re: Fldigi 4 won't start. Just flashes and goes away.


I don't know that the issue I'm stating below is the same issue that you are facing, but I've seen that when I've configured fldigi to work with a particular USB sound dongle, then close fldigi, then disconnect the USB sound dongle from the PC, then restart fldigi (with that USB sound dongle NOT connected to the computer) that fldigi will briefly show the fldigi window on the computer and then close on its own, with the window flash lasting about 500ms.  If I then reconnect that USB sound dongle to the computer and then start fldigi, then fldigi with operate OK again, no problem.  Close fldigi, disconnect the USB sound card, restart fldigi and it will again flash the window for about 500ms and then close on its own.

It's as though if fldigi doesn't see the USB sound card it expects to see it just closes (immediately closes) right after startup.

Paul, ad7i

On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 8:14 PM, Norman Younie <Norman.younie@...> wrote:
I have found that when you delete fl some of the files remain on the computer and can cause the same headache to appear.

On Mar 7, 2018 18:11, <obaghdadi@...> wrote:
Fldigi was uninstalled,  fldigi.files\fldigi_def.xml was deleted, installed again the problem still, strange the same issue happened with OD5YA 2 days back, today with me OD5ZF.
op. sys. win7.
Tried with older version same issue.
Any hints to solve the problem, best regards

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