Webmasters, What's New

brad wall <bradebi@...>

I wonder if webmasters of web receivers here in the club could post
briefly and tell us what is new at their site? Thanks. Im sure all
of us will find it interesting.

jimandleah2000 <thefranklingroup@...>

OK Here is a synopsis of my site. My site is called JimAndLeah's
Online Tuner. The site uses Visualradio and a PCR1000 with the DSP
installed. The antennas vary but it mainly uses a G5RV with an apex
at about 45 feet. There are 2 chat rooms, one for the tuner chat and
one for the general population chat. The tuner is always free during
the daytime but goes to password at night in order to accomodate a
large group of listeners interested in tuning into Art Bell and
friends on 3.840 Mhz. This is so the tuner will stay on freq. You
can still listen for free. There are 2 audio encoders. One uses
Live365 and has high quality sound. I have paid for 10 free slots on
this, however at night time due to the amount of people who use this
system this will often be full. If this is full, I provide WMP low
quality sound free for up to an addition 25 listeners. I only stream
at 6.5 KBPS on this in order that the most people can use it, and
still be able to listen to AM, SSB. If this also fills up which can
occur on weekends then a listener will have to have a membership to
Live365 in which case the streaming is available for hundreds.
There is also a SSTV picture auto uploading system. You simply
tune the tuner to a signal and it will grab the photos and display it
for you without you needing the software etc. There are more
instructions on the site about this.
I am also running an EchoLink repeater for use by all hams. If
you are not familiar with this, there is detailed info at the site.
Well that is pretty much the run down, so hope to see some of you
Take care Jim N7HFK

brad wall <bradebi@...>

Thanks for update, Jim. Jim, by the way, is webmaster at Visualradio
in Salt Lake City ( Ogden? ) .