New Orleans and France GT


Globaltuners has recently added several new receiver sites,including New Orleans and Grenoble,France.Many changes at GT recently,quite exciting.

Washington D.C. Web Radio Finally


Globaltuners has now a new receiver site in the Washington D.C. Area(Bethesda,Maryland). There has not been one here since the old Stormbringer's Washington D.C. Javaradio way back in late 90's. Good deal!

Krasnoyarsk SDR Receivers SWL Contest


The Krasnoyarsk SDR receiver site is offering a SWL contest. After completing the required logs,a diploma can be issued by the Russian site-ops. Sounds like fun,for sure.Contest details appear at

Диплом “SWL-SDR" - Радиолюбители Красноярского края.

GlobalTuners newsletter


Dear DXer,

Welcome to the GlobalTuners Newsletter, sharing news about our
community of worldwide online receivers.

Last September we updated the interface of our receivers and our
website and we’re glad to see that this has led to a healthy amount of
feedback. We love to hear how we still can improve the overall
experience of GlobalTuners, so please keep sending the Support Tickets
and mails.

GlobalTuners Premium Members do not only enjoy an advertisement free
website any longer. Recently we added an audio recording option!
Record (up to 100MB per recording), save (up to 1GB per user) and
share anything you hear on GlobalTuners with just one click! (also via
Facebook and other social media platforms).

In the future we will add even more features and receiver sites, which
will only be available to premium members.

With a premium membership, you will be helping to support our
site-operators who share their own equipment and resources, as well as
supporting further development of the GlobalTuners Network. We will be
investing in new equipment for some special locations and sites.

You can get your subscription at for a very special
New Years Discount Price: for only 2€ a month including VAT you will
be a Premium Member for a whole year, supporting the GlobalTuners
Community. This discount will be available for all members until 31

Those who already are a Premium Member for a year will receive a free
3 month extension of their subscriotion!

The anti hijack function has been re-introduced: the website will show
a message if someone else is already using a receiver. This will make
sure that you cannot change the frequency just like that. No more

We are actively expanding our receiver selection. We are bringing new
sites and returning some old sites to the network.

Recent and upcoming new receiver sites and returning sites include
Madrid (Spain), HF_Linkz (France), Washington DC (USA), Altos
Mirandinos (Venezuela) and Bolnuevo (Spain).

The Chesapeake Bay receiver is hosted and supported by the National
Capital Radio & Television Museum. The museum has a large collection
of historic radio and related equipment. Make sure you pay them a
visit if you’re in the neighborhood, admission is free! -

So, as you can see, GlobalTuners has many exciting changes still
coming. We hope you enjoy your listening time here. GlobalTuners is a
shared receiver site, and our support team endeavors to keep our
network a pleasant place to spend your time. It works best when all
our listeners have mutual respect. We here at GlobalTuners, our site
operators, listeners, we all are hobbyists with the love of radio.

Keep in touch with GlobalTuners on Facebook as well as Twitter, join
us at and

A very happy Christmas and all the best wishes for 2015!

Stay tuned!

Kind regards,

The GlobalTuners team

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New Receivers wanted for Globaltuners, etc.


Would like new receivers for Globaltuners, etc. Please post updated here.

Thanks in advance for your help.

New Jersey

Long Island



Albany, New York


Nova Scotia

Web Receivers

David Freeman <dave2011usa@...>

Thought it would be good to list all online web receivers so others will know too.
I'll start...

Re: Web Receivers


David Freeman kirjoitti 21.3.2018 klo 1:21:

Thought it would be good to list all online web receivers so others will know too.
I'll start...

Another SDR Web Source: SPYServers


From Intruder alert list:

Dear friends,

Here there is, in case you need it, another web SDR source, besides the well-known and (I'm afraid it will only work on WIN O.S. and no "TDoA - like" features on it).

It's called SPY Servers and it's a list of AIRSPY SDR receiver owners who are willing to let you access their receiver via the internet.

For that, you'll first need to download the SDR software from here: (choose Windows SDR Software Package)

Unzipp, open the folder and  and double click on SDRSharp: that will open the "receiver screen".

At the top left corner of the SDRSharp window, click on the gearwheel (config) and you'll see, below it, the "Source" menu. Deploy it and choose "Spy Server". 

Below this you'll see a little window where you can paste the different URL of the AIRSPY available receivers you can choose from this link , the SPY Server List:

Once the right URL is pasted, click on "C", at the right of the URL window to connect. Try another one if it can't get connected.

Once connected, just click "Play" (the little triangle at the top left corner) and that's it :-)

Don't forget to config your audio output at the config menu (gearwheel).

On "Radio", config bandwith, etc. Plenty of different possibilities in the config menu.

The SPYServer list is not really long, and not all he receivers have HF coverage, but it's a nice SDR web source that we can use for AIRUMS (or just to play with...)

- Here, config menu capture and explanation 

- Here, capture of the SDRSharp software at work using a SPY Server receiver:

73 de Gaspar EA6AMM

Purchase anSDR


Can anybody recommend a good SDR to buy that is not too complex to set up on a laptop. Thanks Kevin 

Re: Purchase anSDR

Chuck Farnham

Flex, I have 2

On Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 1:29 PM <kevin.clinch66@...> wrote:
Can anybody recommend a good SDR to buy that is not too complex to set up on a laptop. Thanks Kevin 

Re: Purchase anSDR


Thanks I’ll have a read into it :) 

Karelia MW DX web receiver


As was closed in the beginning of June, my receiver is now connected via , most of the time with a 400 m Bev directed to Southeast Asia.



Karelia MW DX remote receivers


Hello MW DXers,

As SDR-Console v1.5 server was stopped and I can't run newer versions on my old dedicated Vista laptop, I have moved my SDR-IQ to
Please try, the software is really simple to use.
Also one Perseus online on that laptop almost 24/7 until May and another a bit less.
Antennas are five about 400 metre Beverages chosen by me acc. to conditions and the time of day. They are fed by 300 m coax to escape noise from the village, so there is some loss on SW and also otherwise work better on MW. The noise is lower now than previous years because power lines were buried underground and open air ADSL lines have been dismantled. The only problem is low MW during daylight hours, about 500-700 kHz, but there is some hope, that even that will be fixed in the coming weeks.
There has been some hickups in the past due to about 0.6 Mbps upload, when 3-4 remotes were in use simultaneously, but now I have got fiber with 100 Mbps upload speed, so there shouldn't be problems at any time. The downside is almost doubled monthly cost. If you consider yourself a heavy user or otherwise appreciate this service, a small donation to my Paypal at Mauno.Ritola@... is welcome, so are comments on reception.

Now MW conditions are bad, but let's hope for better next week. If you log anything via this QTH to , the site code for is 25.


Karelia MW DX