Great Idea Brad


Hey, thanks for the invitation to this new forum, Brad. I'm looking
forward to being part of the group!


Welcome Dan

brad wall <bradebi@...>

It is great to have you aboard, Dan. I stopped going to the old club
when they started charging. Rather than have 3 million members, I
thought it might be better to have a small nucleus of active

New poll for webreceivers


Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the
webreceivers group:

Where in Asia would you like to see a
web receiver set up first.

o Tokyo
o Hong Kong
o Singapore
o Malaysia
o Thailand
o Australia
o New Zealand
o Taiwan
o India
o Indonesia

To vote, please visit the following web page:

Note: Please do not reply to this message. Poll votes are
not collected via email. To vote, you must go to the Yahoo! Groups
web site listed above.


Asia Web Receivers Poll

brad wall <bradebi@...>

Of the 10 listed choices on the poll list, there are tentative plans
for new web receivers in 5 of the 10 mentioned locations. Im not
telling yet, tho. We will let the poll run a little while first.

Veron Web Radio

brad wall <bradebi@...>

I have added link to Amsterdam Veron web radio. Currently, there
seems to be streaming but no audio.

Hello from jimandleah's

jimandleah2000 <thefranklingroup@...>

Hi Brad,
Thanks for the invite. It is great to hear you out there...since
I don't see you much these days. Same old here......playing with
antennas, doing the Real Estate thing for a real living, and
playing with the online radio.

VR2HF Web Radio

brad wall <bradebi@...>

Say Dan,

Do you have an idea when you might be getting adsl in your
neighborhood? Sure miss the radio.

Welcome to Our Group, Jim and Chris

brad wall <bradebi@...>

Great to have you guys aboard. I hope we get a few more dedicated
souls like the ones we now have, nucleus of a great club.

Hey Brad, Dan, Jim & Leah!

Earl Claus <santa@...>

We're all still here!!! The Ten-Tec RX320 is online, finally. And
the Pegasus is coming back online with transmit on a Hygain triband
HF yagi, soon.


Re: Welcome to Our Group, Jim and Chris

Earl Claus <santa@...>

--- In webreceivers@..., "brad wall" <bradebi@y...> wrote:
Great to have you guys aboard. I hope we get a few more dedicated
souls like the ones we now have, nucleus of a great club.
I agree... That is what was supposed to be.

Java Radio GUI

Earl Claus <santa@...>

Who put the javaradio GUI in the photo section? That's a slick
interface... It kinda puts pressure on me to produce a better GUI
than the one under construction now!!! :)


Welcome, Earl Claus of Internet Remote Base

brad wall <bradebi@...>

Hi Earl, thanks for joining us. I hope this forum will be
interesting and fun for all of us. I like the Javaradio interface,
but I also liked the bandplan slider of yours. Lots of good stuff
out there in web radios.

Hong Kong Javaradio and Prague

brad wall <bradebi@...>

There are indications that we may have Javaradio hong Kong online
very soon. Also, it looks like Javaradio Prague will return soon as

Veron-Amsterdam Radio

brad wall <bradebi@...>

The Veron web radio in Amsterdam has streaming but there is no audio
at this time. This is a Rhode-Schwartz receiver.

Jim, How about Francisco?

brad wall <bradebi@...>

Hey Jim, I have not seen Switzerland Visualradio online in some
time. Do you know if he will be back.?

Webmasters, What's New

brad wall <bradebi@...>

I wonder if webmasters of web receivers here in the club could post
briefly and tell us what is new at their site? Thanks. Im sure all
of us will find it interesting.

Tucson Javaradio

brad wall <bradebi@...>

Javaradio is setting up a site in Tucson, Arizona. Want to dx Mexico?

Hello from Ottawa, Canada

Bob Antonietti <bob_p_antonietti@...>

As a new member of this Group, I thought it would be polite for me to
introduce myself.

I live in Ottawa, Canada, work for a Security area in the government.

Looking forward to participating and reading posts from this Group.


Welcome New Members

brad wall <bradebi@...>

Welcome to Bob and all our other new members. Please feel free to
post anytime you like about web radios and related subjects. If
anyone has any questions about web receivers, this is the place to
ask. I am sure one of our knowledgable members will have the answer.
Have fun.

Re: Jim, How about Francisco?

The Franklin Group <thefranklingroup@...>

Hello Brad,
   Sorry it took so long to get back to you.  I have been on vacation for about a month.   Unfortunately I don't know the status of the Switzerland VisualRadio.   I too have noticed it has been down for quite a while.  I will have to inquire from Bernd and see what he has heard.

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From: brad wall
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Subject: [webreceivers] Jim, How about Francisco?

Hey Jim, I have not seen Switzerland Visualradio online in some
time. Do you know if he will be back.?

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