Marahau NZ KiwiSDR site

Chris Mackerell

Hi All

I've just added a second KiwiSDR to my site here at Marahau, Tasman Bay, New Zealand.

The first Kiwi is now set for 4 channels (was 8), daisy-chained to the second, which
is in 8 channel mode. If the first receiver is full you should get automatically moved to
the second.

The main receiver is at
The second, if you want to access it directly, is

I also have an old Elad S2 set to cover the mediumwave band at

All are connected to the same Wellbrook loop at the moment, but next year I hope to install
a EWE antenna for one of the Kiwis.

I also have a couple of receiver on GlobalTuners if you are a member there (my old
AOR AR7030 and an RTL VHF/UHF dongle).


73 Chris
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