Karelia MW DX remote receivers


Hello MW DXers,

As SDR-Console v1.5 server was stopped and I can't run newer versions on my old dedicated Vista laptop, I have moved my SDR-IQ to
Please try, the software is really simple to use.
Also one Perseus online on that laptop almost 24/7 until May and another a bit less.
Antennas are five about 400 metre Beverages chosen by me acc. to conditions and the time of day. They are fed by 300 m coax to escape noise from the village, so there is some loss on SW and also otherwise work better on MW. The noise is lower now than previous years because power lines were buried underground and open air ADSL lines have been dismantled. The only problem is low MW during daylight hours, about 500-700 kHz, but there is some hope, that even that will be fixed in the coming weeks.
There has been some hickups in the past due to about 0.6 Mbps upload, when 3-4 remotes were in use simultaneously, but now I have got fiber with 100 Mbps upload speed, so there shouldn't be problems at any time. The downside is almost doubled monthly cost. If you consider yourself a heavy user or otherwise appreciate this service, a small donation to my Paypal at Mauno.Ritola@gmail.com is welcome, so are comments on reception.

Now MW conditions are bad, but let's hope for better next week. If you log anything via this QTH to http://www.mwlist.org/mw_logmap.php , the site code for is 25.


Karelia MW DX

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