Web radio Club Notes

bradebi <bradebi@...>

During the past 12 years or so I have been involved wwith 3 or 4 internet web receiver clubs of different venues, all I believe achieved a membership of over 300 or sso members. That indicates there is a lot of interest in web receivers, especially useful for dx'ers who do not have equipment at home of their own. Time is somewhat limmmited for me now, and sometimes I tire of keeping tedious lists. What I like to do is write the news. I am thinking of deferring to the DXZone list of web receivers, rather than us keeping our own list here, at least one that is exhaustive. Then I can merrily scan the internet for LATE=BREAKING web receiver news, check receivers to make sure they still work, etc. I think that would be good because there is a quick turn-over time sometimes on these radios. What say yea???

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