Sun 12 July noon UTC - 16th Webheads Weekly Sunday Sandbox OpenMic-inar #learning2gether #webheadsinaction #talin2020

Vance Stevens

Hi everyone and good morning from Penang,

As you might know if you're following me on Facebook, my wife Bobbi and I took a week-long staycation in Malaysia last week, taking advantage of the low covid risk in the country, and trying to get it in before they start allowing foreign tourists to enter, in which case we would likely personally revert to lockdown. We spent our time on two islands in the Perhentian chain, with poor connectivity and even electricity being rationed on the 'little' island.

So we didn't get much done (during surface intervals) while there, but we returned to Penang this morning on an overnight bus from Koala Besut. We got a little sleep on the bus, rounded that off on arrival at our apartment, and I'm now feeling good to go for this evening's (Penang time) ...

Sun 12 July noon UTC - 16th Webheads Weekly Sunday Sandbox OpenMic-inar


TALIN event #31

Learning2gether #477


Vance Stevens will sneak preview a workshop he'll be giving online to a group of PhD students in Rabat Morocco on July 16. 

Vance has just returned to Penang after a week's Malaysian stay-cation, ending in an all-night bus ride. 

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Meeting ID: 824 8548 6906

Password: preview

Normally I would set an event for this, and I might still do that, but I'm just getting back to where I left off on this a week ago, so I wanted to alert all on this list that I will be in the above Zoom room, password 'preview' ready to try some of the tools with you that I intend to use with the Moroccan PhD students on July 16. I may not have polished my act by tonight (your morning perhaps) but as I'll be among friends, I'd appreciate your advice on how I might explain while demonstrating experientially how to teach online (my assigned topic). 

Hope to see you there,

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Vance Stevens

Hi everyone, 
The podcast where Vance Stevens, Laine Marshall, and Graham Stanley discussed SOFLA in detail on Sunday July 12 at the 16th Webheads Revival Weekly Sunday Sandbox Open Mic-inar has been archived at
In this sandbox event, also the 31st TALIN webinar and Learning2gether episode 477, I had sought to sneak-preview my thoughts on designing a workshop to be given online to a group of PhD students in Rabat Morocco on July 16 at which I would apply the SOFLA model to the topic they asked me to speak on, Online Language Learning and Teaching (OLLT). I've been working on a portal for the event here,

SOFLA stands for synchonous online flipped learning approach, and it's a model which Laine has been developing over the past few years. The podcast archive provides a sneak preview look at her most recent article on the topic.

There's also information there about other events this week at which Laine is speaking about SOFLA and flipped learning. One of these is a Flipped Learning Q&A with Laine Marshall and Carolina Rodriguez Buitrago happening at noon UTC, today, Tuesday, July 14.

For more information on all our activities, including Laine's events and my workshop on OLLT scheduled for July 16, see and/or

Next Sunday, July 19, Graham and I intend to carry on this discussion comparing my notes on how it went with his plans to apply the SOFLA model to a workshop he is giving on July 24. I'll create a calendar event for the Webheads sandbox event before next Sunday, and I presume Graham will be telling us more about his workshop shortly.

Hope to see you online at one or more of these events.