#learning2gether Episode 509 End word on EVO Minecraft MOOC #EVO2021 - Evidence of benefits of TPD within C0Ps #learning2gether #EVO2021

Vance Stevens

Greetings all,
If you're a member of the MinecraftMOOC groups.io sorry for cross posting, but EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021 has come to an End of what for me has been its most satisfyingly successful session ever,. I have just completed a Learning2gether episode 509 post, my final overview after week 5 of our recent EVOMC21. This detailed and thoughtful reflection is posted at
This one tries to show through numerous videos and other forms of example how working in communities of practice is critical for teachers to gradually become effective guides when aspiring to work in Minecraft with their students. It shows where the more proficient among members of the EVO Minecraft MOOC community are constantly helping to scaffold and modeling for the newcomers to the community. 
This post includes a rather entertaining 1.5 hour video of Dakotah Redstone's leading a successful attack on the End Ship on our last day of #evomc21. The post explains what the "End" is in Minecraft, and how for most users, having any hope of experiencing the End is the embodiment of community effort. For those of you teaching language learners, you can extrapolate this out as a project in your own language class.
The post also indicates to some extent how EVO Minecraft MOOC is developing as a community. It has certainly been my pleasure to work with all the skilled and knowledgeable moderators we have attracted over the years, as well as so many participants of all levels in #Minecraft. I've been one of the most impacted learners from the process.

The same goes for the event larger community of Webheads in Action, over 20 years now :-)
I hope you enjoy these reflections and the dozens of videos we left behind. For the record, there is a playlist, with 47 videos, most of them extensively annotated, here

If you're interested in learning more see http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/ for instructions on how to join us. We can still accept you in the community if you'll reply here or write me personally and identify yourself, so I'll know who is asking.

Teacher Vance
(my Minecraft Name)

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