#learning2gether Episode 507 on EVO Minecraft MOOC at #learning2gether #EVO2021

Vance Stevens

Hi everyone,

What can possibly be wrong with this picture?

I mentioned last time we met that I'd be intensively involved in EVO Minecraft MOOC from new year's to mid February. Anyone is welcome to join us there, but there's a process, as explained here
In case you just want to observe, we have left dozens of videos of what it's like on our server, prepared long before our session started (to explain what I've been doing since December) here
I have left a narrative and philosophical reflection of where we've got to after Week 3 and posted it as #Learning2gether episode 507 here, https://learning2gether.net/2021/01/31/week-3-in-evo-minecraft-mooc-highlights-trading-string-for-emeralds-and-networking-on-the-azcraft-server/  
This post contains several screenshots, videos, and show notes from our Meaningful Play Adventures on the #EVOMC21 server and our compatriot #Azcraft servers. More videos showing what we have been doing this past three weeks in EVO Minecraft MOOC can be found at http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/w/page/142133859/2021_Live_Events 
We have a little more than another week to go in the 5 week session, though in fact we are a year-round community. You are welcome to join us either online or through the artifacts we leave online, and if you do the former, I'll be happy to meet you there.
I'm glad to see that many are posting on our Facebook pages, and you can reply to this message with news of your projects if you wish.
Teacher Vance

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