Re: Upcoming Event: Sun May 31 noon UTC Weekly Webheads Sunday Revival Meeting #10 in Zoom - Sun, 05/31/2020 12:00pm-1:00pm #cal-reminder

Vance Stevens

Hi everyone,

The Zoom audio and Zoom video and Facebook stream recordings of the Weekly Webheads Sunday Revival Meeting #10, a.k.a. Learning2gether Episode 468 and TALIN webinar 23, have been vlogged and podcasted at

The webinar was attended by Maha Hassan, Michael Coghlan, Heike Philp, Graham Stanley, Thomas Leverett, Laine Marshall, Alicia Barbitta, Nina Liakos, Maru Del Campo Velasco, Vicky Saumell, and a lone Zoom bomber, whose picture we captured and displayed at the link above, so if you see this character, don't admit him to Zoom :-)  If you see him in a post office and it's not in a poster on the wall, go to another post office.

As usually we engaged in small talk about COVID and such, so for comic relief Graham jazzed things up with a mask dance of Face Rigged guises. All the links in the chatlogs are hyperlinked, so no telling who will visit and appear as no-telling-what next time. You'll just have to come along and see; monitor or for details. 

Meanwhile Dr. Dilip Barad is organizing a free webinar in India which is starting in about half an hour from now. The schedule is here

And the conference home is here,

Ania Lian, Heike Philp, and I are giving plenaries tomorrow at  8:00 UTC, the time you find at this link

I'll send more information about this shortly on FB but you can also find more information in the usual places, or

Stay safe, stay home and enjoy the webinars,

Teacher Vance

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