Sun 17 May 11:30 UTC to 1300 - Regular Webheads Weekly Revival Meeting 8 #learning2gether #webheadsinaction #talin2020

Vance Stevens

Sun 17 May 11:30 UTC to 1300 - Regular Webheads Weekly Revival Meeting 8 - repeats each Sunday


Hi everyone, sorry for the late notice. As you know we've had a lot of events lately, and it's hard keeping up with that in the best of times.

The last one was Nik Peachey's talk on the Uberfication of English language teaching, a topic right in keeping with teaching in the time of COVID-19. The event finished for me late Friday, May 15.

The event was particularly stressful due to the arrival of my first ever experience with Zoom bombers. The attack was successfully managed, but next day I had to edit the beginning of the video, something I don't normally need to do, and it was only late yesterday that I managed to post what seems to be a perfectly normal podcast

This has forced me to take this morning to bone up on Zoom bombing and how to prevent it. Heike very helpfully produced a document with useful tips and I've put its link in this section of my document, one of many similar documents that provide resources for dealing with pandemic teaching online (here's the section)

So I've made several changes to my Zoom settings. To begin with I've deleted all my previous Zoom rooms, adjusted settings on future rooms, and created a new room with the new settings for the event today


Where? Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 824 8548 6906


Password: covid

From now on I will no longer post passwords on social media (FB, LinkedIn, or Twitter). However, I'll try posting passwords at and at TALIN, - and elsewhere direct people: For more information see or I may create different Zoom rooms for every new meeting, with different passwords each time; we'll see. 

Heike showed me how to enable my room to allow me to assign a co-host, and for the event today we can experiment with the other new settings (and let people be co-hosts if we need to over-ride them). Webheads meetings are typically small gatherings, a nice sized petri dish for tweaking and controlling variables. Nik's meeting attraced over 50 people, at least a dozen of whom turned out to be "boomers" (as they paste-paste-pasted to the text chat). They were able to overwhelm the proceedings before we could get a handle on it (but I was able to banish them to the waiting room). In the webheads meeting we should be able to recognize if we have any unwelcomed guests. I've still retained the waiting room so I can tell if unknown characters or multiple iPhones appear (Chris, you'll need to rename your phone if you want me to let you in twice).

Of course we've never experienced problems before, but once bitten this hard, thrice shy. Also, I'm looking forward to trying out the new protocols in the group tonight, and this should give us something to talk about, so see you there!


When? Sun 17 May actual start 11:30 UTC - end at 13:00 UTC - drop in any time

The early start is to accommodate Susan Marandi if she is still able to join us. She has online classes at noon UTC on Sundays. So I'll be online to see if she appears, and expect to meet anyone else from noon to 1300 UTC, (dinner time for me, so I'll be under pressure to follow cooking odors wafting from the kitchen).

till then,




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