Free upcoming webinars include Coding NLP in English language teaching - Karen Schwarze at 1300 UTC Mon May 11 #learning2gether #talin2020

Vance Stevens

Hi everyone,

Our next webinar will be Sunday 10 May at noon UTC - our Regular Webheads Weekly Revival Meeting #7, in the same Zoom room given below.

The next day, Mon 11 May 1300 UTC - TALIN hosts Karen Schwarze on Teaching Natural Language Processing in English Classes
English language/literature classes can be a great environment to introduce students to natural language processing (NLP). NLP is a subset of Machine Learning (ML), which is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using NLP, computers can understand and respond to human written and verbal communication. Teaching basic NLP concepts can reinforce students’ understanding of English while exposing them to computer science. 
 - The curriculum and portfolio are at
 - Slides available at
When? Mon May 11 13:00 UTC wherever you happen to be on the planet
Where? in the TALIN2020 Zoom room
Password: talin2020
And don't forget the Virtual Round Table Fri Sat, May 8-9. More information on all these events is at or
All are welcome, and hope to see you at all our events,

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