Texas State Fair


Thankfully, we have not gone to only quilts at our State Fair. There are now
two sheep to shawl contests because we have so many teams competing. We lots
and lots of spinning and weaving exhibits and tremendous shows of
sheep/llamas/angora rabbits. One of our local farms has worked for 20 years
to produce a line of some of the finest wool grown in America. Our hats are
off to Gracye Aggen. She had a dream and with dedication and tireless work,
success was born. Ya'll come, ya' hear?

Charlotte in Texas


What are your state's secrets for getting so many sheep-to-shawl teams to
participate at the State Fair? The participation at our State Fair has been
dwindling, and we have to rebuild and recruit more teams for next year if we
want to maintain the event. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Sue in Ohio