Ramie yarn for weaving

Isabelle Fusey

Is it possible to buy fine ramie yarn for weaving anywhere these days?

I have been reading about casement fabric woven in the 1950s with ramie. See link and photo for an example of a casment woven by Emily Belding. Where would that ramie have come from?

I read in the archives of this group that Robin&Russ used to sell ii. They sourced it from a mill in Switzerland which eventually shut down.There is description of this mill in a 1967 issue of warp and weft http://www2.cs.arizona.edu/patterns/weaving/periodicals/ww_20_09.pdf.  And appararently ramie used to grow in Florida but presumably this industry does not exist anymore.


Su Butler

>>> Is it possible to buy fine ramie yarn for weaving anywhere these days?

Hi Isabelle….I believe Habu Textiles sells a fine ramie yarn.  https://www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/habu-textiles-a-166-2-30-ramie   Don’t know just how fine you want it.  I am wondering if Colourmart in the UK sells it as well…. After checking they do have it in a few colors, but no white.  You can check it out at  https://colourmart.com/yarns/view/AND_*_ramie_*_in_stock.*.rank.*.show_all


Wondering if you could substitute a fine linen….lots of that available on ebay. 


Su Butler 😊

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I was recently watching a documentary about Japanese traditional ramie weaving (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku2IJOSGJfc) and their research found that the finest ramie yarn came from Fujian, China.  The documentary also illustrates what a pain it was to weave with the ramie once they were able to get a supplier.  Maybe you can try to find a supplier for ramie from the Fujian area of china.

Beryl Moody

I see it for sale here https://loopoftheloom.com/yarn-shop/cotton-yarn-for-warping-frd37 

All of my ramie stash came from Robin and Russ.  Still have a bit that I am hording.

Sara von Tresckow

Loop of the Loom - the SAORI shop in NYC has Japanese ramie - 30/3 - on half
pound cones in white.

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I have bought ramie from Colourmart recently.  I think it was about 8/2 and may have been ramie/silk.  I'll loke in my storage for accurate details.

Linda Wilson

Hi Isabelle
Not sure where you would find it but if you ever want to see samples I have 2 binders of samples of ramie - yarn samples and woven samples.  You are welcome to come visit and view them if you are over this way. Just let me know in case we are out and about.