measuring length of Tencel yarn

Sara von Tresckow

My husband is in the basement winding me a second cone of the hemp I wish to
warp next. He uses an old industrial coner without fancy controls to rewind
the linens we sell to make cones of affordable sizes. He has it down to
knowing how many minutes of a particular linen weight makes a 250g cone (he
timed a bunch of them to get to that weight using a digital scale with
taring). SO, if you want to do a bunch of Tencel, it might work to time one
or two and then just time the following cones. It does have the variable
that certain colors seem to weigh more, thus have a slightly different
winding time.

Sara von Tresckow, Fond du Lac, WI
Author of “When a Single Harness Simply Isn’t Enough” Dutch Master Loom/Spinning Chairs/Öxabäck
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