Marianne Straub cloth and two drafts #weaving

Sue Malvern

There’s an interesting photo of a cloth designed by Marianne Straub and analysed in Mary Kirby’s book Designing on the Loom, 1955 (p.70). However the threading she gives on the opposite page makes no sense to me. 

Intriguingly, the same cloth is also analysed in Harriet Tidball’s Undulating Weft Effects, 1963 (draft 22, p.15). But her threading is different. Again it’s not entirely clear how to weave this, although it seems much more plausible and easier to tweak.

Can anyone help? Or is anyone interested? I’m looking for a draft in honeycomb with wide narrow horizontal bands and not too much distortion. At the end of the day, I suspect it’d be easier to design my own. I’m a big fan of  Marianne Straub though, so making a fabric that’s also a kind of tribute has some appeal.

One for Stacey possibly?

I’ve attached JPEG’s, and hope these show up (not sure how to do this on this forum).

Many thanks, 


Sara von Tresckow

Very interesting fabric.
The description is for a dobby with at least 16 shafts. The drafts, as
shown, are for the development of the threading and do not show the liftplan
associated with the threading nor a tieup and treadling. The description in
the text at the bottom of p. 70 indicates the use of rather simple threading
and structurer used on something where the numbers are "off" - the warp
order (mixed threads in example "d" repeating with 14 threads, a threading
repeat of 6, a peg plan repeating in 8 sections while only 3 groups of weft
threads are used.
We get used to patterns repeating with 8 threads, 16 picks and everything
matching that something like this sort of confuses the mind, but keeps life
The detail of weave as shown is interesting, but I'd take it as incomplete
in terms of trying to set up for the weave.

Sara von Tresckow, Fond du Lac, WI
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Doreen McLaughlin

            This is why I have weaving software.

Doreen McLaughlin

Stacey Harvey-Brown

Hi Sue, 
Challenge accepted! It might take a while - CW Seminars is on the horizon and the Woven Optical Illusions book is in full swing, as well as studio teaching happening again (yippee doo!!) but I'll take a look! 
Warmest wishes,