for workshop participants

Martha Town

I wanted to let everyone know that I did choose to use as the communication platform for a Zoom workshop and it worked extremely well.  I chose to use the minimum Premium group, which costs $20/month and am keeping it active for 2 months for the 15 class members to share their weaving results.  The value of moving to a paid group vs the free group is that I could use FILES and PHOTOS.  The Files addition allowed me to create folders of information which included PDFs and WIFs.  Everyone had either a paid of free version of Fiberworks, so they were able to see the WIFs.   The Photos allowed me to create Albums where I and the class members could easily upload photos in an organized fashion.  We even used photos to troubleshoot loom and weaving problems. 
Members can manage their subscription, but during the active days of the workshop it was nice to get immediate emails when someone posted.  They all did a good job of replying to the group, and they used the topics started to keep conversations in order.  
It was just a great experience and I will be using it again!  The set up is easy and the invites to class members was easy.  I was in control of the communication and never felt like I was missing something.  I think this platform could be used for a larger group, but was certainly perfect for this group of 15.
Martha Town


I'm glad it worked out well.  I had some misgivings when you first posted about it; the last time someone had used  a group to communicate with a study group it was a disaster.  I wasn't  aware of your group's interactions,  which means it was completely private.

Debbie original

The Online Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers and the Braid Society have been using for a few years and prior to that Yahoo groups for workshops.   Both these groups have hundreds of members although all do not participate in all workshops but there is a very valuable archive of classes and photos.   In the last year, the Braid Society has combined these workshops with Zoom sessions given by the tutor and these have also worked well.

Best wishes