gathering info about studio


It is possible to put tracks in the ceiling and buy outlet plugs that fit
into the track, as well as track lights. Lightolier is one manufacturer who
has them, but there are probably others. Thus, with an 8 foot track, you can
plug something in anywhere along its length.

Sally Breckenridge

We have just completed building and moving into our dream house with dream
studio. In San Jose, our house was filled with loom & weaving supplies in
every room. The house in Colorado is built with a large 2000 sq. ft.
daylight basement. Its really not a basement as it is very spacious with
9ft ceilings and windows on one side. My husband gets an office and a
workshop (which I am slowing overtaking for dyeing) but the rest of the
space is my weaving studio and office so its probably about 1500sq ft. We
put in track lighting and shelves with glass front cupboards for the yarn.
These cupboards line the back wall so that they get minimal daylight. The
builder was concerned that I was building such a large "sewing" room but it
is divided into seaveral areas with at least 2 ft. space to walk around for
each large loom (JComp&AVL & Fireside) and about 6 to 8 ft at the back
between looms to provide space to do sectional warping. This space tends to
fill with smaller portable looms. Then there is an area set up for sewing
machine and work table and space for a cutting table (not yet built), a
window seat area for lounging and reading, a small kitchenette and space for
a couple of large work tables. My husband & I share the work table area for
many projects that we seem to always have going. I also have a office where
I do my computer work with shelves & tables for the WeaveIt production.

I do spend a lot of time in the studio and plan to do even more in the
future. The most difficult part was planning the electrical outlets.
Because the space is so large & open, just having outlets along the walls is
not sufficient so we have them in the ceiling & floors but guessing the
exact position wanted was extremely diffcult when looking at a floor plan.
I made little paper cutouts of the looms and furniture but still didn't get
it quite right so I would like to move some of the them. [Highly
unlikely...] I am still setting things up in the space but it is still
very exciting for me to be in the studio.