Does anyone have an ORCO loom?

KarenInTheWoods <pfundt@...>

(sorry for cross posting, I put this on the Rugtalk list too)


I was just helping a newly addicted friend set up her new-to-her Oriental
Rug Loom.... 4H counterbalance. (she only paid $150 with a bunch of rag
shuttles, warping stuff and cones of warp) I have a question about the rope
friction brake system.. as it is slipping when we started weaving last

It has a rope brake that is wrapped TWICE around the beam.. I am thinking
just a third wrap will help? How many times are they supposed to be

I have a plastic coated steel cable on my Harrisville which needs a
*wrapover* where one strand lays over the other to make it work, so we tried
that too, but didn't workl.

Any suggestons would be appreciated... poor gal was almost in tears cause it
kept slipping. Her brother wants to tear apart the loom and put a rachet
and pawl system on it, but the back beam has probably 50-75 yards of warp on
it that she wants to weave off first!

Any suggestions?

Weavingly Yours,
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