Digest Number 10


I probably should add to the last email that I also have an AVL SDL in my
ARTS STUDIO. So how could I forget that <g>?

As to wall storage, I use bankers boxes for anything bigger than a folder.
And I have 70 of them in this office alone. I used to sit one on top of
another but, you guessed it, the one/s I needed were always at the bottom &
the heavy ones ended on top... eventually breaking them down. So I had a
carpenter custom make me rough-hewn cedar bookcases to fit the room, 3 boxes
across & 7 high with a bit of room around each [almost to the ceiling] & 2
across x 7 high. I label the box ends using peel-off paper [half of an
81/2"x11"] run through the laserjet. His work cost only $250 & the cedar even
less so now I have 3 walls of boxes, each easily accessed, plus a run under
all the desks.

I didn't mention either the 80" round circular table in the center of my
office. It's a god-send. It just happened to be in this house when we bought
it. I keep all the odds & ends of projects going in small piles around it.
Again, easy access & fast turn-around. How better else to keep track of
thousands of pieces of paper & fabrics & folders, active & holding. I always
wanted a huge table to lay out projects & it is a great way to work. I've
even been known to clean it up once in awhile, like this week <G>.

It seems to me it takes more time to organize than to do the work just as it
takes more time to write up a project than to weave it! Good organizing &
good weaving. Sigrid at ARTS