16 Shaft 60” AVL PDL with CD1

James Warner

Hey everyone:

This loom works quite well I just wanted more shafts. It comes with lots of extras. I am willing to disassemble if you need to arrange crating and shipping but local pick up is also welcome. 

I purchased this loom used in 2016 and am the second owner. This looks has been my workhorse loom for production weaving since I bought it.  It is in good working condition and I have not had any significant issues with this loom. The reason I am selling is that I upgraded to a loom with 32-shafts and a smaller footprint.

This loom currently has a CompuDobby 1 in good working order as well as several spare refurbished solenoids (the solenoids are no longer being made for the CD1). It has all of the parts for the mechanical lobby in case the CD1 should fail.

Included with this loom are:

-Original Manual and documents

-Compudobby 1

-Parts for a Mechanical Dobby

-Handmade shelf for a laptop or keyboard

-Mount for a Computer Monitor

-Plain Beam (Modified from another 60” -AVL Loom to make it fit)

-Sand Paper and Soft Beam for Front Beam

-1-yard Sectional Beam

-2000+ Green Tie Texsolv Heddles

-Nylon Coated Aircraft wire and supplies to create spare shaft cables

-Full Set of Spare Shafts and Heddles (purchased as some of the heddle bars are warping)

-Single-Box Fly Shuttle Attachment

-15” Fly Shuttle with honex tensioner

-Raddle (purchased in 2020)

-Track & Mount system

-AVL Tension Box (Purchased new in 2020)

-Selvedge Rollers

-Old-Style Auto Advance with all gears (epi 18, 20, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32)

-Spare set of Gears for Auto Advance

-60” Stainless Steel Reeds (6, 8, 10, 12, 15)

-Handmade Trapeze for plain beam warping

I am asking for $5000 for the loom and all of the extras. Email me directly if you are interested.