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Karla Sandwith

Indeed, Marie. A round of applause for Sara from Comox, Canada. I won't be venturing into this territory, but I find it fascinating and inspiring. Thank you, Sara.

Marie Kulchinski

Thank you for the PDF.  It is on the table ready for study.  I had woven tied weaves on the drawloom in one of Madalyn's class  before she move to the Washington.  I will have to pull out the drafts and compare her drafts to yours.  It was a long time ago and it is in the back storage of my brain.  This document is going to be fun reading.  I have an Oxaback that I love to weave on it has 50 pattern shafts and single unit device .  I have never put on the top warp for the single unit but this might be the time to start the great experiment.

The care that you took to product such a high quality booklet desirve a load sound of clapping from all drawloon weavers.
Best wishes for the New Year!
Marie Kulchinski 

Felizitas Bystedt

Thank you so much for the  pdf. It was like a  christmas present.

I own a drawloom equipment from Öxabäck from the time when I lived in Stockholm, Sweden. Recently I got second equipment from a dear friend who stopped weaving and sold out the loom. She thought it would be easier to sell the loom without the drawloom attachment. So I own now wto Öxabäck and both of them have the drawloom eqipment. When I started weaving with drawlooms it was in the 80-ies . Many weavers got inspired by weaving damask patterns. I did some weaves but then ideas stopped. In an old swedish weaving book I saw a doubleweave, like Welsh blankets, done on a drawloom but no further explanation. So I tried to find out how this could be achieved an it worked well. I had to wait for a very long time for the wool but now the loom is ready to be dressed.

On the other hand I planned to weave some towels in summer and winter. And again I had the feeling it could be done with a drawloom. I checked the Swedish books of Kerstin Lovallius and Mariana Eriksson and there it was, inspiration for future studies and weaves.

And now I got the pdf, just in time. So don´t worry there are people that like it!

Wishes for a Happy New Year Felizitas



Sara von Tresckow

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I have finally updated the handout from my presentation at Complex Weavers

2022 "Tied Weaves on the Drawloom" and  have put it on my web site for anyone to download.

I realize that there are not that many who will be modifying their looms to actually produce the fabrics, but perhaps it provides an interesting Holiday Read.

Here is the link:




I have also begun putting various publications and articles that I've written over the years (including the Free Temple Plans first put here about

20 years ago) at this location:



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