48” 16 shaft AVL PDL w/CompuDobby 2, Serial # 02440 For Sale

Andrea Stevens

Beautiful lightly figured maple loom in excellent condition. My dream loom, but hub’s medical issues force sale. Fire sale priced at $5,200.00. Pickup in Warner Robins, GA (just south of Macon off I-75.) Has everything you need, 8, 10, 12 & 15 dent stainless reeds, original owner’s manual, HP laptop with Fiberworks Silver & AVL loom drivers, also has the original mechanical dobby head, bars, pegs & peg wrench. All the bells & whistles - two warp beams, one plain, one sectional, sandpaper and softgrip cloth beam covers, track & mount system with sectional tension box, lots of Tex-Solv heddles on each shaft, raddle, lease sticks, bottom swing beater, single fly shuttle setup with 2 fly AVL fly shuttles and pirns, has the older model cloth advance system with all the pick wheels, aprons are like new, no spots or stains. As I said, my dream loom. Bench is built in, Includes both an unused sheepskin & reindeer hide cover for seat. Cloth storage system with sliding weight. There’s more, I’m sure, feel free to email with any questions. 

Susan Rubendall

My heart breaks for you. My AVL is similar to yours but with a standard dobby. It, too, has lots of bells and whistles. Because of my husband’s health issues, I haven’t woven on it for years — sadly. I should sell it but haven’t been able to make that decision yet, even though I know that my beautiful loom should be in the studio of someone who will use it.

I also know from experience what nursing home and home health care cost — scary.

Best wishes.

Susan Rubendall
Rockford, IL
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