Weave Point Question


What is the process line?

Janell Neulinger

I have had way more than that open at once, and it works fine but there is a definite downside to not having a ‘window list’ to navigate directly to the one  you are interested in. 


Doreen McLaughlin

            I’ve had up to 5 WeavePoint windows open at the same time. The great thing is that the Copy function works for all so you can Copy in one and Paste in a different one.


Janell Neulinger

I haven’t used earlier versions of Weavepoint but are you asking about the way that WP will only let you have one open draft? The solution is to open multiple instances of the software, each with its own draft. You will be able to copy across from one to another. 




I bear the newest Weave Point  >   Weave point 8

I used to work with two active WeavePoints's if I I wanted to work with difficult things such as duplicate from one WP to the other WP.

The one WeavePoint I do not use I set in proces line. I was always able to use one of the active WP's from procesline.

Now I can only work with one on screen. I find it strange and I miss the possibility.

Hope you understand it is a bit difficult to explain.


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