Older AVL

Joe P

Hi Everyone 

I would have liked to have finished my adjustments a week and a half ago. I went and cut my grass and was kind of warm I decided to go and lay down in front of the AC unit. for a short time fell off to sleep, you got it, I got a chill that turned in to the best summer cold. Just about over it. No covid and I have my two vaccines. 

I have an older AVL, I wanted to use the two beams but not possible, not enough space between the plan beam tension drum and the pegs on the sectional warp beam, to adjust the plan beam up and down. I moved the sectional warp beam to the inside of the frame work of the loom from the outside. that gave me the space needed for the plan beam to work the way it is to do. I had to move one of the fabric weight cord wheels for the cloth storage closer to the center space between the back of the heddles so noting hits to do this I had to drill a hole in the right-side cross member, I was really careful, turned out just fine.  I had the pins made to hole the reed on to the back of the loom. 

The wood blocks I broke fit the loom perfect and I had extras made just in case I break one or two more.

I them put a sample warp on the loom. A little problem I always put a short stook between the sectional warp beam and the back of the heddles for me to sit on to thread heddles, I do not fit any more. I decided to tie the raddle just over the top of the shafts to keep the section threads in order to thread them so I do not have crossed warps worked just right.  I always make a threading mistake or two not this time. I like to read Laura Frys blog and I typed her name in to you tube and found a you tube video Laura had done that she shows how to thread heddles works great.

I have never been able to get the sheds to be even on the loom when I have done a side tie-up, I just set the loom up to do one shaft to one treadle not 2 or more. Not anymore. Peggy Osterkamp, I watched her side tie-up video and I unhooked the return springs. and then I tied up one shaft, pulled the tie up cords sideways from the loom, to see the tops of the shaft are even if not adjusted accordingly I have perfect sheds. Hooked the springs back up sat at the loom wove a sample of just a 4-shaft straight twill. I found out any cable I want to take out of the loom will come out, I was thinking I was going to have to replace all 24 cables not the case. So, the cables I have with the split plastic coating I can order replace easy. Bob K told me some of the older AVL looms the cables do not come out a crimper is needed to replace the cables. Bob K. Has been just great answering questions. The best he can, my loom has not numbers to when it was built. 

I am going to send Thank You to Peggy Osterkamp. Order book 3 hard copy 
Have Bob K. send me the total of lower tension arm and cable and 1 shaft bar.
I have to have some yard sticks cut length wise packing sticks. 
No, I did not forget to tell my weaving friends for help and direction. 

Thank You

Keep Weaving 
Joe Bear In WI U.S.A.