tempotreadle for Louet David


Hello Sandra - Thanks for your comments.  I am in conversation with Lofty Fiber hence my mentioning measurements but I was interested to find another Louet David owner who might already have Tempo Treadle on board, as it were.  Meanwhile I shall be crawling around under the loom with my tape measure - not great at my age!


If you have been talking to Lofty Fiber (which sells Tempotreadle) why don't you ask them if it will fit?  Get a diagram of how it is installed, and see if the dimensions will work.  


Hello - I am looking to buy the tempotreadle system for my Louet David and wonder if anyone can help?  I have an older David with an overslung beater.  Loftyfiber are coonfident that the system fits the Louet David newer models.  As I am in the UK, and shipping is expensive plus import duty it's important that it all works out.   I do have some measurements to compare which I shall do later but had a thought that there might be someone out there in this community.
many thanks