Wide Loom Tension and Breaks


As the owner of an AVL with automatic cloth advance, I do agree with
the posts about taking breaks to get up and move around. I work on
the Kebec standing up, and am constantly moving back and forth.
To anyone thinking about getting a large enough loom to require
tension control on both ends of the beam (my Kebec is 8' wide), it is
not necessary to advance the cloth on both sides of the loom, or to
"count clicks". Releasing the brake on one side and advancing the
cloth on the other side will give perfectly even tension across the
loom. It is an extra step from a loom that has tension on one side,
but making wide, soft cotton blankets without seaming or double weave,
is, in my opinion, worth the extra step. But it would be nice to set
it up with dynamic tension and just weave away.