weavers: avoid abusing your body - set a kitchen timer

Kati Meek

A kitchen timer set for one hour is a very valuable weaving tool. When the hour is up, record the inches woven -or pirns wound, or....  Get off the bench, get a glass of water, stretch, run in place.... before getting back on the bench and start the timer for another hour.  Been-weaving-for-over-50 years, one hour at a time, Kati  (who would like to see a discussion of displaying textiles so they are seen as art)

Treehouse Studio
Alpena on the 45th

Colleen Sorensen

Kati, I'm new on WeaveTech - but so not sure how to reply. But.. I also am interested in displaying woven textiles and would like to learn more. I started a discussion on Ravelry Warped Weavers: "Seeking Ideas for Hanging Textiles".  There have been many interesting ideas on the thread. Deborah in S.F. replied with a link to American Tapestry Alliance ( https://americantapestryalliance.org/tapestry-education/educational-articles-on-tapestry-weaving/mounting-and-hanging-tapestries-a-variety-of-solutions/ ) which includes a number of articles on Mounting and Hanging Tapestries.