loom manuals//gilmore looms is alive and helpful


i/nancy am really glad to know where the Meany Collection lives on.  however, as the happy owner of several Gilmore looms who every so often has a question at the Gilmore home site, i really suggest your friend contact them direct.   they have archives of the old looms from different decades etc.   both of mine are from long ago owners and i really happy to find old pictures and diagrams on their site.

as a matter of fact, i have one of their old 8H looms as well as one of the folding X looms.  i love them.   the gilmore site is full of information and pictures and help

/s/nancy biggins

On 4/9/2021 10:09 AM, Neal Goman wrote:
The Janet Meany Collection lives on at the Textile Center of MN.
Neal in Mpls.

On 4/9/2021 11:48 AM, nancy via groups.io wrote:
i think the source of old loom manuals has died.   however , i have two old gilmores and i have found the business to be very helpful so you/your friend might just contact them

/s/ nancy biggins who loves gilmore looms

On 4/9/2021 9:43 AM, Karen Donde wrote:
Would someone kindly repost the source for old loom manuals? A friend is looking to revitalize an old Gilmore that belonged to her mother. She’s not a weaver, and the loom might need a little tune-up.

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