nancy asks kathleen


kathleen, could you/would you give me your email address so i could ask a couple of things off group list about that hand spindle

i have the dvd but it does not show.  the youtube segment has a few opening segments of the/a hand spindle

/nancy/    biggins@.........or, wolf@...

thank you

On 2/3/2021 10:11 PM, Kathleen Thorne via wrote:

Nancy, the best teacher is Norman Kennedy -- he has a DVD out on spinning.  See if you can track down a copy of that and watch it.  Norman is the consummate spindle spinner, having learned from old-time spinners in Scotland, the Western Isles, as well as the US;  he was for a number of years the Master Weaver in Colonial Williamsburg, and certainly did a lot of hand spinning for use in his weaving.  There are of course other spinners, but I can vouch for him, and his style of spinning is the way spinning was done historically rather than a "this is how I think it must have been done" approach.  The type of spindle he uses is also historically accurate.   Good luck!