Kyra loom #weaving


I just bought a 12 shaft, 48", 14 treadle Kyra floor loom.
It came in pieces. I would appreciate any detailed photographs of kyra looms. Is there such a thing as a manual? 
Thanks in advance 
Harriet Burris 

Su Butler

You can write to Janet Meany, who runs the Loom Manual Library….she might have a copy….  Jmeany@...


Su Butler 😊



Pat Bullen

I didn't know he made a 12 shaft loom.  Kyra is the name of his daughter. His cherry 8 shaft was my first loom - I have since sold it to a student.  I have one of his table looms with attached folding legs.  I would love to have one of his "suitcase" table looms - a table loom that folds into a small, portable, suitcase-like box.  I first saw his loom at a weaving store in Dublin Ohio.  When I had the money I called and ordered a 48" 8H cherry loom (all his looms are cherry).  He delivered it personally from NY to Hilliard OH.  It was designed to fit through a standard door - just barely.  No assembly required.  It was pegged and glued and designed to fold up to fit through a door.  I don't remember getting a manual.  This was around 1978 ....  As I have gotten older, treadling the loom became an issue.  The harnesses are very heavy.  Lifting 4 or more at a time became an issue.  That's why I sold it to someone with better legs/hips than mine. Part of me still wishes I had the loom since it was my first ....

msthimble1    you can download the manual or read online