Anni Albers webinar in NY textile month now on youtube


Yesterday a zoom-seminar was held by one of the curators of the Albers Foundation.
The topic was how Anni made multiple pictorial weavings on the same warp.

Really intriguing!

The seminar has been recorded and can be viewed on youtube now via the NYTM website
(and most probably in the future also via the website of the Albers Foundation.
or directly from their youtube channel:

Enjoy viewing
from the Netherlands

Deb Mc

Surprisingly enough, I found a life supply of warp sticks from an old bed we were tossing. For support it had webbing under the mattress filled with sticks. I’d prefer them to be 1/2 inch but at 1 inch they work just fine after sanding. Wander thru your local hardware store and look at their molding, plaster lathes and wood for garden lattices. With sand paper and a saw you are in business.