We're not charging enough

Sara Nordling

Wow, we haven't had this much comment on a thread in a long time.  I, personally, have no quibble with the price.  I am more concerned on the quality of the product.  If it is as has been reported, not that well made, then I am more concerned of the reputation of handwoven items she is putting out into the world rather than the amount of money the towel sells for.  I might be tempted to site the old adage, "buyer beware" but so many buyers have no idea of what quality would even look like or how long a well made towel actually can, and does last.  I think it is up to us who produce to maintain quality and work to educate our public.  Maybe that's idealist, given the history of produced products and what people will spend money on. Still, I prefer that to the alternative.

Sara Nordling


I do Creative Education(demoing/teaching), Social Media advertising and PR, and Design team management for Indie Woman owned businesses - mostly crafts products and artists, and  charge starting at $50 a month, depending on what they need- and I’m willing to teach myself out of a job, tho most are grateful I do what I do so they can be doing what they love to do.
I don’t like taking percentages, I do what I do and do it well, and that drives sales.

Louise K

1. Someone has said these are not well made. Could that please be explained?? How/why are they not well made?

2. What is a hamam towel?