16 shaft table looms (was More Questions on a dobby loom)

Wendy Morris

Tien wrote:
The idea of using a 16-shaft table loom sort of boggles my mind, but I
guess some people are OK with flipping all those levers for every

For sampling I have a 16 shaft Mountain Loom described as a transportable floor loom but actually a table loom with treadles that can be used in conjunction with the levers. It has a number of drawbacks including only 12 treadles to 16 shafts, levers wide-spaced and hard to operate more than one at a time, and an ingeniously simple but far from smooth treadle tie-up, but the fact that you can tie up the treadles for at least some of the most frequent shaft combinations does speed things up a lot. In particular of course it makes a huge difference if you're weaving anything with tabby. You can find details of the loom at http://mtnloom.com/TPFL.htm. No connection, I just happen to have one.

Wendy Morris
London, UK